My name is Marty Healey and I’m running for Pittsburgh City Council.

I’m a 24-year resident of Shadyside, a life-long Pittsburgher and long-time Democratic voter, I’m excited about the opportunity to bring my extensive business and financial background along with my passion for community service together and create a vision for our neighborhood that I love.

While attending Duquesne University, I had a job that allowed me to build a solid foundation in business and financial management which continued for 14 years.  It was during this time that I learned, sometimes the hard way, the importance o “doing what you love, and loving what you do.”  And my true love was building relationships, finding common ground, coalition building between like-minded groups, and helping those in need.

In the case of my sister and her husband, it was helping them with their own independent business.  For my twin brother it was being able to work alongside him as he built his own successful company of which I am so proud.

Some of you may remember Tri-PAC, the first LGBT political action committee that was formed in Pittsburgh to support the gay and lesbian community.  I served as its President for two years and built so many relationships, many of which still continue to this day.  When my sister was diagnosed with Lupus, I immediately sprung into action and joined the Board of the Lupus Foundation so I could lend my hand and knowledge to help fight this cruel auto-immune disease. . After seeing the effects of HIV and even losing so many friends to AIDS, I was compelled to join the board of the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, the oldest and largest AIDS service organization in southwestern PA.

Today I am proud to serve on the board of Persad Center and I’ve seen first-hand the important work we do with underserved community members in the area of mental health and addiction, and how that intersects in so many ways with so many members of the greater community.  And my work on the board of the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh has shown me that a more diverse and inclusive city is what will continue to make Pittsburgh a vibrant place not only for its current residents but also welcoming to newcomers and visitors.

I’m a proud Uncle to 12 nieces and nephews, half of which live in Pittsburgh and the other half are working hard to move back and make Pittsburgh their home. I enjoy spending as much time as I can with them and I continue to pass along that important mantra that my parents taught me.  My home in Shadyside is a great sense of pride and joy for me and where I live with my loveable dog Larry, a 120 lb. Grant Dane who you will often see “walking me” around the neighborhood.